Dog Minding and Dog Sitting in your own home

When you wish to go away but are unable to take your dog with you, it can be very difficult. Some dogs (and owners) do not like using kennels as they may get stressed or upset. Having his or her routine disturbed can worry or distress your dog, however help is at hand in the form of the Dogfather's dog minding service. This service allows your dog to stay in the comfort of your own home with the security of familiar surroundings, smells and sounds while you are away. This is especially useful for older dogs who prefer their home comforts.

If you are going away for one or more nights, the dogfather can look after your dog anytime during the period of 19:00 that night right through to 23:00 the following night. During the day your dog will join the Dogfather on that day's scheduled walks* (included in the price).

The Dogfather can provide a bespoke minding service in your own home which guarantees:

  • To look after your dog in your own home
  • Your dog's usual walks and feeding times
  • Minimum disruption to your dog's routine
  • Minimum disruption to you

In addition, the Dogfather can bring in newspaper and mail, open/ close curtains, water plants etc. in order to help make the house look "lived in" during your abscence.

* If you do not require to join in the day's scheduled walks, multiple 20-30 minute visits between scheduled walks can be provided as an alternative. Please discuss your specific need to arrange your tailored solution.